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  • Ali Rezajoo

    Ali Rezajoo

    UX Designer https://Rezajoo.com

  • Hooman Hatefi

    Hooman Hatefi

    Senior Director, Design at Snapp

  • Nicole Chen

    Nicole Chen

    Product Research @ Instagram

  • Alan Cooper

    Alan Cooper

    Ancestry Thinker, Software Alchemist, Regenerative Rancher

  • Emma Townley-Smith

    Emma Townley-Smith

    Design-driven Product Manager. Love learning how people and products work.

  • Simon Pan

    Simon Pan

    The way out is through. Designing the future of news at Google. Ex lives: Medium, Uber and Amazon.

  • José Torre

    José Torre

    Designer. Working at Shopify by day. Being Halfool on Youtube & Instagram by night.

  • Azadeh Aghaei

    Azadeh Aghaei

    UX Design Lead at Divar | Mentoring Designers on ADPList

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