The case study focuses on an Iranian largest classified ads app with a new mobile-based feature that allows store owners to sell their goods.


The average number of posts in each store is low. In contrast to visiting the posts of each store, which is high, users are unaware of store profiles and do not know that they can view all posts of a store on its profile page.


  1. Each store should have published more posts on average.
  2. Notify users of the existence of store profiles.
  3. There should be a greater variety of products available to buyers.
  4. An increase in…

Redesign of error 404 page is the subject of this case study. It is about the largest online marketplace in Iran with more than 600,000 users for event organizers, and also its ticketing system makes marketing and selling tickets easier for organizers. Let’s take a look at this case study.

It was just a few months that I joined the team. I found out that error pages were not efficient. There are many articles about designing error pages; this article provides a case study of the impact of an error page.


In my periodic review of Google Analytics, when following…

This case study is about the largest classified ads platform in Iran that has more than 35 million users and over 180 categories and services.

Increasing the credibility of stores
Increasing the credibility of stores

On our app, from March 2020, simultaneously with the onset of the corona pandemic, physical stores can have a virtual presence, which is one of the values the our product offers sellers. The problem we faced was promoting stores and introducing them to users using their physical presence.


In order to increase trust in the stores present physically, it was important to be able to better display them. We had to follow our values in…

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